Why Choose Cloud Managed PoE Switch


As a power supply device, users have an increasing need for remote control of powered devices, specifically remote PoE port control. This includes turning ports on and off, scheduling automatic on/off times, and triggering port actions based on specific events. Additionally, considering the different power requirements of various devices, users need to remotely adjust the output power to meet the device’s needs.


LINOVISION's Approach: Industrial, PoE Port Control, Outdoor, Affordable

To address this user pain point and considering the user scenarios, especially for outdoor use, LINOVISION has launched our new series of PoE switches: Remote Cloud Managed PoE Switches. These advanced switches, integrated with the LINOVISION Remote Monit Cloud platform, offer comprehensive remote management capabilities. You can easily control PoE ports by toggling them on and off, adjusting port speeds, managing PoE power, and setting port priorities. Additionally, the web interface allows for seamless management of VLAN, QoS, and ONVIF device discovery. (These features will be demonstrated in the testing section in the video.)

To help users save unnecessary expenses, some common local managed PoE switches often offer features, such as SNMP, that typical users do not frequently use, leading to increased costs. As a lightweight managed PoE switch, we have focused on features that users truly need. Therefore, our Remote Cloud Managed PoE Switches are more cost-effective and user-friendly in terms of price. Of course, if you need more complex functionalities, you can find corresponding products in our Managed PoE Switch category.

Why Choose Cloud Managed PoE Switches?

Compared to local managed PoE switches, cloud managed PoE switches are managed through a cloud-based platform, allowing for remote access and control from anywhere with an internet connection. Management is centralized via a web portal, offering continuous monitoring and real-time alerts through the cloud platform. This provides comprehensive visibility into network performance, device status, and PoE power consumption.



LINOVISION RemoteMonit Cloud is an integrated platform crafted to seamlessly oversee and manage complete solar-powered video and IoT systems. This solution ensures comprehensive oversight of camera video, solar charging status, IoT sensors, and cellular traffic usage, enhancing the efficiency and performance of your entire system. Certainly, this also includes remotely controlling the PoE ports of the Cloud Managed PoE Switch through the LINOVISION RemoteMonit Cloud platform. This covers functionalities such as PoE port on/off, power limit settings, port speed adjustments, and port priority configurations. The platform offers complete remote management and control, with a robust set of features for monitoring remote devices.

LINOVISION Cloud Managed POE Switch Selection Guide

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Input 48-57V DC 55V DC 100-240V AC
Output 48V POE Standard 48V POE Standard 48V POE Standard
Uplink Ports 4*Gigabit SFP 1*10G SFP 2*Gigabit SFP
POE Ports 8*Gigabit PoE ports 8*2.5G PoE Ports 8*Gigabit PoE Ports
POE++ Ports / / /
POE budget 180W 130W 120W
L2/L3 Management VLAN, QoS, Fast-Ring VLAN, QoS, Fast-Ring VLAN, QoS, Fast-Ring
PoE Port Control Turn On/Off PoE Turn On/Off PoE Turn On/Off PoE