I Never Imagined "this" Can Work As a Camera Testing Equipment!


Phil is an engineer working in the surveillance system installation industry. Installers like him need to test cameras in the field on a regular basis. He was seeking a convenient and cost-effective way to test the IP cameras.


The best method he had found before was to use IPC testers (AKA test monitor/camera tester) to see the connections, adjust settings as well as focus, and set the IP address.
Those devices are very handy and versatile only before he found out their performance deteriorated significantly after half a year of use due to the aging of the battery.
Phil bought two, one for $200 and the other for 600$. It turns out that it has nothing to do with price. They both became difficult to use within one year. 
Considering they cost him a huge sum of money, he was so pissed that he swore he would never use that kind of device again.
He then went back to the old-fashioned road, which is using a laptop. IPC testers can power up cameras with their own batteries. But apparently, laptops can’t. He had to use power adapters or PoE switches to power the cameras. 
Problems are some of the power outlets are located far from the camera, and some homes don't even have a PoE switch.


We figured out the core of Phil’s problem was that he badly needed a tiny compact portable mini two-port PoE switch.
While we don't sell any two-port switches - it's such a niche market, after all (would anyone want to buy a PoE switch with only two ports?), we do sell a PoE extender with two ports.
With this, you can have a camera and a laptop to see and adjust the camera. By the way, it’s completely safe for the computer even though the computer is a non-PoE device.

Customer Benefits

  • Fast. Phil told us that it usually only takes him one minute to plug in the camera and get the test result from his computer.
  • Also works as an extender. Yes. It can extend PoE for extra 328ft (100m).
  • Light and slender, just like a feather. The most compact one you can find on the market.