I Want to See My Koi From Underwater. How?

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Jack is one of our loyal customers. We are in constant touch. One day, he mentioned that he met a problem, which was he had a koi pond in his home and he wanted to see it from underwater. He was asking if there was any quality underwater IP camera we could offer.


The challenge was that we didn’t actually sell any underwater cameras at that time. So we recommended a well-known underwater camera supplier, BARLUS, to serve his needs.
However, Jack said he had done his research and found some flaws with the BARLUS camera. He sent me some screenshots to demonstrate.
The first is that those cameras are very hard to set up

And also tech support is slow.

Last but not least, the language issue: Instructions are in English but not very coherent.


As our motto is “Always Think For Our Customers”, we felt obliged to tell BARLUS to fix these problems. Sadly, they didn’t listen to us. 
Then we had to deal with these customer pain points (not only for Jack but for you guys as well) on our own, which was, manufacturing our own underwater IP cameras.
There it is-IPC608UW-10. Let me proudly present to you: LINOVISION 4K POE IP Underwater Camera.

Customer Benefits

  • The setup is super easy. We have prepared an intuitive WEB GUI for you, compatible with Chrome/Safari/Edge, without plugins. Not only the web client of course, but also remote access from client software and mobile applications.
  • 24/7 fast tech support. We have super nice local staff in the US ready to serve you any time. 
  • Language is never an issue for us. I’m sure you can understand our words. This article, for example, is pretty easy to grasp, right?
And, we didn’t stop there. We upscaled the resolution to 8MP. Therefore, you can even experience 4K live streaming on Youtube/Facebook/Twitch.
Here is our streaming tutorial link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPya2J_6h1E
Jack, are you happy? I’m sure you guys get it, LINOVISION means it, we really take our customers seriously.