LINOVISION PoE Splitter Solution

PoE splitters are the devices that are usually used together with PoE switches and PoE injectors. Instead of taking both data input and power input and turning them into a singular output, they supply power by splitting the power from the data and feeding it to a separate input that a non-PoE compliant device can use. There are at least two outputs on PoE splitter: one supplies data and the other supplies power. In general, PoE splitters are often used in the scenario when there are remote non-PoE devices with no nearby AC outlets.


Moreover, Linovision POE Splitters offer different types outputs of Ethernet, DC12V, DC24V, DC5/9/12/20V, Passive POE 24V, USB-C, USB-A, etc. It makes our POE Splitters to be used in more applications where require different power input.