What is PoE Ethernet-over-Coax?  |Coaxial Ethernet|Coax to Ethernet Adapter| - LINOVISION US Store

Qu'est-ce que l'Ethernet PoE sur Coax ?

Dec 09, 2022 Amo Chen

As the old coax CCTV surveillance system gets old and the IP system becomes more popular, if you want to upgrade the analog system to an IP surveillance system while using existing coaxial cable, the Ethernet-over-Coax(EOC)technology is the best way for you. 

How to upgrade analog cameras to IP with old coax? Operate modern cameras on old wiring with PoE over Coax technology. - LINOVISION US Store

How to upgrade analog cameras to IP with old coax? Operate modern cameras on old wiring with PoE over Coax technology.

Oct 19, 2022 Frank Kong

An obstacle to upgrading surveillance systems is the need for new cabling. It can cost you tremendous time and effort. LINOVISION offers a solution by reusing legacy coax. Plug adapters in. Require no power cable. All detection and setup are automatic. Works like a charm. Great time/labor saver. MUCH CHEAPER than MoCA!

Optimize the Bulk Storage of Grain via Linovision Carbon Dioxide Monitoring Solution. - LINOVISION US Store

Optimisez le stockage en vrac des céréales grâce à la solution de surveillance du dioxyde de carbone Linovision

May 19, 2022 saki shao

Recently, the global food supply has been facing an increasing food shortage, driven by the growing global population, persistent conflict, COVID-19-related economic shocks, and weather extremes. Despite the need for additional food, lots of grain is lost after harvesting, mainly caused by spoilage due to mould or insect infestation during storage, which leads to huge food waste and financial loss. To help optimize the bulk storage of grain, Linovision offers a CO2 monitoring solution to help prevent mould or insect infestation, ensure the quality of the stored grain, and prevent economic losses for farmers.

A cure for PoE's short distance pain. - LINOVISION US Store

Solutions PoE et PoE longue distance LINOVISION

Feb 23, 2022 Frank Kong

One of the main benefits of PoE is it can enable cameras to observe and even live stream places where you couldn’t find a power socket nearby. These cameras can be used underwater, in tunnels, pipelines, or anywhere that requires prolonged monitoring. However, the 328ft (100m) restriction greatly affects these cameras’ application threshold. These limitations require users to be creative and find new powered cable solutions for extended-distance cabling.

Industrial 8-Port Full Gigabit POE Switch for Solar System - LINOVISION US Store

Commutateur industriel POE Full Gigabit à 8 ports pour système solaire

Dec 17, 2020 Amo Chen

8 port full gigabit one-key ring industrial unmanaged switch allows wide voltage input(DC 12-48V), which enables 12V/24V DC solar power input. It provides 8*10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet PoE port and 2*1000Base-X SFP slots. It supports auto speed reduction on Ethernet ports, the transmission distance is up to 200 meters(660ft) max. Support IEEE 802.3af/at and PoE Watchdog, realizing the function of PoE camera drop detection & automatic reboot, which reduces maintenance costs.