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  • 【ULTRA HD 4K CRYSTAL VIDEO】Support resolution up to 4K@ 30Hz(input), RGB4:4:4, 8 Bit. It’s also compatible with 3D and 1080P or lower resolution. Note: The max resolution of the output is 1080P.
  • 【4 IN 1 OUT KVM SWITCH】With this 4 port HDMI KVM Switch, you can use one set of HDMI monitor & USB Keyboard & Mouse console to connect and control 4 DVRs/NVRs/Computers/Servers, and conveniently switching anytime.
  • 【HOT KEY SWITCH】It can switch automatically, or control by buttons or hot-key from keyboard, without any delay after switching. To enable the mouse/keyboard control, please connect the devices and KVM switch by the usb cable. (This product comes with 4 sets of usb-b to usb-a cables)
  • 【HIGH COMPATIBILITY, PLUG-N-PLAY】Support hot plug, plug & play, connect or disconnect devices to the KVM switch in any time and without turn off devices. It is compatible to Operating System like Windows.
  • 【24/7 US LOCAL + GLOBAL TECH SUPPORT】This product comes with 1-year warranty and life-time 24/7 US Local +Global Technical Support. Free system consultant service. Ready and willing to help in anytime.
  •  HDMI-KVM04 

    This 4 port HDMI Keyboard-Video-Mouse (KVM) switch is used to control
    Max 4 computers / NVRs / DVRs with a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Features with ultra-HD 4K resolution and local USB2.0 output. LINOVISION HDMI KVM switch is designed to improve convenience, save space and costs when there is insufficient room for multiple monitors and keyboards, such as in a server room rack or on a small desktop.

    Outstanding Features:

    • Computer: HDMI input maximum support 4K2K30Hz RGB4:4:4, 8 Bit
    • Display: HDMI input maximum support 4K2K30Hz YUV 4:4:4, 8 Bit
    • The Four USB-TYPE B interface pass through three USB interface to the corresponding host of HDMI signal channel.
    • Operating system support Windows 95/98/2000/2006/NT/XP/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10, Linux, Unix, MAC, etc
    • Support hot plug, connect or disconnect devices to the KVM switch in any time and without turn off devices.
    • Support auto switching (monitor the devices in a specified time interval.)
    • Support keyboard’s hot keys to control the KVM switch.
    • Available to use keyboard and mouse without any delay after switching the host devices.
    • With mounting ears.

    Front Panel

    1) Bi-coloured light
    (Green Status = USB connected; Red Status = HDMI connected; Orange Status = USB + HDMI connected)
    2) Select button(Reset & Swith).
    3) Rest status indication.

    Back Panel

    1) 12V DC power input. 2) Upgrading the firmware

    3) HDMI out port. 4) USB keyboard and mouse output ports.

    5) HDMI in ports. 6) USB keyboard and mouse input ports.

    How does it work?

    Connecting and Operating

    (1) Connect all the PCs to the HDMI KVM switch, then start all the PCs.
    (2) After all the PCs are started in step 1, then you can switch to any PC by keyboard hot key or the key pad on the KVM panel. (For example, if you want to control the PC connected to HDMI IN 2 just press the key under the PORT 2 LED indicator, or the keyboard hot key commands described following).

    Solutions on common problems:

    P1. Keyboard and mouse don’t work at all no matter which input port is switched to:

    Try below ways: 1. Unplug and plug the USB keyboard and mouse 2. Make sure the USB cable connections from KVM switch to host devices are all correct 3. Reset the KVM switch by press RESET key 4. Unplug and plug the power cord of the KVM switch then press RESET key 5. Make sure the precision of the mouse is less than 2000DPI

    P2. Only after switch to some input port the keyboard and mouse don’t work:

    Make sure the USB cable connection from KVM switch to host devices is correct and the USB cable isn’t broken

    P3. Mouse is slowed down/lag/delayed in Windows 95/98/2000 system:

    1. Go to device manager of the Windows, make sure the KVM USB device is recognized by Windows, if not, go to Windows control panel
    and add new hardware manually
    2. After KVM USB device is recognized by Windows, install USB drivers in Windows device manager

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