This data plan is for LINOVISION vSIM routers (IOT-R51W) only

All the IOT-R51W routers comes with a free 5GB data plan for the first month. 

You can click this  login LINOVISION AIoT cloud to manage your device and data plans. 


  1. The free 5GB data plan starts on the date you choose to activate, and expires on the last day of current month. For example, if you choose to activate on June 19, it will be activated on June 19, and expire on June 30. If you do not use the cellular router immediately, you can wait till the beginning of next month to activate. 
  2. Every day starts on 00:01AM GMT-4 time (US Eastern Time), and ends on 23:59 PM GMT-4 time (US Eastern Time). 
  3. The activation process may take a few minutes to be effective. 
  4. If you want to renew the data plan or add extra data plans, please login Linovision AIoT cloud