LINOVISION PoE Extender Solution

PoE Extenders or PoE Repeaters can extend the connection distance between the PoE Injector or PoE switch (PSE) and the PoE edge device (PD) . The PoE extender is installed in-line between the PSE and the PD. Each side the connection distance can be 100 meters. Some PoE extenders allow you to daisy-chain multiple units, pushing the total connection distance past 300 meters.

Besides extending the transmission distance, POE Extender or POE Splitter is also designed to supply POE power to two/four POE devices through one Cat5E/6 cable, and no power adapter is required. It is also called by POE passthrough switch.

Application 1

Extend extra 100m PoE transmission distance, up to 400m when using 3 levels of daisy-chain (cascade) deployment.

Application 2

Split PoE cable to multiple PoE outputs (run one network cable to provide power and data for multiple PoE devices).