PoE over Coax Solution

EOC (Ethernet over Coax), also known as IP Over Coax, is used to transmit Video & Audio & Data over existing coaxial cables (RG59 or RG6).
Linovision EOC converter has some unique features, like POE power + data transmission, up to 3,000ft long-reach ethernet over coax extender and no DC12V power is required.

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LPR / ANPR Camera Solution

LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras or ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras are widely used in entrance/exits, parking lots and road traffic to automatically capture & recognize license plates.

Linovision provides a complete and easy to use LPR camera system, including multiple options of LPR/ANPR cameras and UPS & Solar power system for installationswithout power and Internet.

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