• Up to 660ft PoE transmission, or max 1000ft with cascade deployment
  • 2 Port PoE extender, running one ethernet cable to connect to 2 IP devices
  • IEEE 802.3af/at PoE IP Camera Support
  • Compatible with 60W High PoE Midspan
  • Small size (3.1“x2.0”x0.9“), lightweight, fits into regular camera back box.
  • No power adaptor is required. Plug-and-play, configuration free.
  • Can be installed via DIN rail or junction box internal mounting
SKU: POE-Extender02
Ethernet & POE Extender is used to extend Ethernet and POE power transmission distance through Cat5E/Cat6 cable. Features with passive design and unique 2 ports output, Linovision POE-Extender02 can not only extend ethernet and power transmission, but also simplify cabling by running one cable to power two POE devices, such as POE IP camera, VoIP phone, door bell camera, etc.
POE Extender Connection Diagram

Outstanding Features

  • Passive Ethernet & Power extender/repeater/amplifier for 100m (330ft), no power adapter is required.
  • Unique 2-port POE outputs, running one cable to connect to 2 IP devices, or 3 IP devices with cascade deployment.
  • Cascade deployment when working with 60W POE Injector/Midspan.
  • Plug-and-play, configuration free.
  • Small size (3.1“x2.0”x0.9“), light weight, fit into regular camera back box.
  • Compatible to IEEE802.3af / IEEE802.3at POE protocol.
  • Optional water-proof box for outdoor use.
  • Working with POE IP Cameras, POE Wi-Fi AP, VoIP phone, etc.

Package includes:

  • 1 * POE Extender
  • 1 * User Manual
  • 1 * Pack of installation screws
Application 1
  • One cable to power two IP cameras or PoE devices through one Cat5E/Cat6 cable
Application 2
  • Cascade deployment, powering 3 POE devices through one Cat5E/6 cable
  • 60W POE Injector or Midspan is required for cascade deployment
Application 3
Use PoE-Extender02 and EOC converter to power 2 IP cameras through one Coax cable
FAQ Related

Q1: Does this extender need an addition power supply?

A: No, it does not require local power supply. This POE extender is powered by PoE devices (48V or 53V PoE Switch/PoE NVR/PoE

Q2: Do I need two of these to extend cat6 for 600 feet?

A: Yes, the POE extender supports cascade deployment, max 300m (1000ft) transmission and running one cable to support 3 IP devices, but 60W POE injector is required and IP camera power consumption should be less than 8W.

Q3: What is the load capacity of POE device that connected to this POE extender?

A: Basically, the load capability depends on the POE supply device, the total power consumption of two POE output is less than the POE power input. For example, if the POE supply unit is a 30W POE injector, then the total output power of this POE extender is less than 27W (with deduction of 3W power consumption by POE extender itself), the longer the transmission distance, the lower power output from POE extender. We recommend to use 60W High POE injector to connect to this POE extender.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Es funktioniert wie beschrieben

Ich habe einen Netgear 4 Port managed POE Switch und 4 Kameras. Zwei weitere Kameras waren geplant. Ein 8 Port Switch wäre unnötig. Mit diesem Extender kann ich an einen Netgear Port zwei Kameras anschliesen und es funktioniert ohne Probleme. Da es funktioniert, habe ich gleich noch 2 POE Kameras und einen weiteren Extender bestellt. Das Teil ist von seiner Größe her gut unterzubringen. Bezüglich Qualität und Haltbarkeit kann ich noch nichts sagen. Übrigens sind diese POE Kameras relativ klein und passen noch in einen Nistkasten rein. Wer sich dafür interessiert: Hier in Amazon nach REVODATA Mini POE IP Kamera suchen,

Amazing product

Amazing product, works great and as advertised. I used it with two Hikvision cameras.

Matt A
Expensive but works suprisingly well

I bought this on a whim just to see if it would work. Managed to power a Unifi Viewport and a POE splitter to power an hdmi screen with it. So now I have a Unifi Protect Live View using only one POE port.

Cheap quality but usually work

Ordered two units, one was DOA. Other one works to power two ip cameras, but after a day both went offline. Had to reset Poe switch. Went offline again a day later.

They offered replacement or refund with no hassle so I gave 4 stars for that.

It Works!

I needed to add a second POE camera in a location where I already had one. I really didn't want to run another Ethernet cable, so I purchased this to run both POE cameras off the one cable and it works! I was so happy that the POE could power this switch along with both cameras. Not only that, but there is about 150-200' of CAT5e cable between the primary POE switch and this switch - and it still works! Couldn't be happier.

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